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Mark Sebastian Kapusta
Masseur and Beautician


Already as a secondary school student, I was engaged in the care of my care-dependent grandparents.


After graduating high school, I worked in the field of geriatric nursing, which I enjoyed tremendously as I like to care for other people. I prefer giving to taking.


At one point, I became drawn to Bochum, which was – at least for me – a big city. There, I completed an apprenticeship as a retail merchant.


When a friend suggested that I might enjoy training as a beautician, I did not hesitate.


Working and studying under the tutelage of Dr. Christine Schrammek Drusio, a dermatologist, I passed my certifying exams with flying colors.


Additional training in various massage techniques, body treatments and manual lymphatic drainage followed.


Over the past 10 years, I have been living in Berlin. I work as a freelance massage therapist and beautician at various hotels and companies where I can continue to give to others.